Market Day



Moreover, the markets of the Coast have the best fruits and seafood of Guatemala. Likewise, they offer exotic fruits not found in other places. The Coast is the land of cacao. Suchi is a Nahuatl word meaning ground cacao; hence, the name Suchitepéquez. The region’s best chocolate comes from Samayac and San Sebastián. The Department of Escuintla leads pineapple production, but nevertheless, the pineapples of San Sebastián are unrivaled.

Zunil and Almolonga are a short drive from Mazate. Therefore,  the Coastal markets have high quality produce every day. The interchange is two-sided, however, in that Quetzaltenango benefits from fresh fruit and fish from the Coast as well.

There are a number of bustling Coastal markets. However, none is as vibrant as that of Mazate. Most women there wear colorful native dress. However, there is more diversity of clothing in the market of Samayac, which touches the hotlands of Nahualá and Santa Catarina Ixtahuacán.


Half the people who attend the Sunday market in Samayac are from the Department of Solola.. Their huipiles, are among the most beautiful in Guatemala. They thus brighten and enliven the market of Samayac. Men of the Coast wear American clothing. However, the men of Nahualá and Santa Catarina Ixtahuacan wear native clothing, Their shirts are colorful and elegant. In lieu of pants, however, they wear a woolen wrap-around wool garment, resembling a skirt. They call this garment rodillera, or jerga.

Following, I present photos of southern coastal markets.